“I love your blog, homie!” he said.

Everyone needs a friend like Taten.  He encourages you when you need it, but isn’t afraid to hand over a large dose of truth.

“You need to talk about girls and their dogs,” he said,  “How white girls and their dogs have made an explosion on social media, and how men need to take place of dogs and take women back.”

I chuckled, because as ridiculous as it sounded, I knew he had a point.


Now before you point fingers, yes I am obsessed with my dog.

Because who wouldn’t love the most precious, beautiful, smart, and cuddly little girl in the whole world?  If there was ever a Queen of the Rat Terriers, my sweet Gabby would easily take the crown.

And it doesn’t stop at my own dog.

If I go to someone’s house, the first thing I look for a dog to play with.

By choice, half of my social media accounts are overflowing with dog pictures and videos.

They’re. Just. So. Cute.

So anyway, enough about my own obsession with dogs, I took to Instagram to do a little research.

I began with the search bar, where I typed in #dogs and here are my findings..
– #dogs – 46,780,570 posts
– #dogsofinstagram – 70,370,026 posts
– #dogstagram – 33,631,493

This is not counting #puppylove, #puppyeyes, and #puppies which all had posts well into the tens of millions.

So, what’s the deal?  Why the skyrocket of puppy love? (Yes, actual, puppy love.)

I mean, dogs have always been considered (wo)man’s best friend, but has there been a sudden rise in fur babies?

Or is it social media, doing what social media does best? Takes something seemingly simple, and part of everyday life, and magnifies it?

It allows you to take a snapshot of the cute and perfect moments, slap a filter on it, and craft the perfect caption.

But when we see those perfect pup moments, what we really think is…

“Wow, my puppy just peed on my shoe, and that girl’s chihuahua is sitting shotgun in her car sipping a puppaccino.” #jealous

Oh, but dear friends, that’s not limited to dogs.  Social media shows you a mere snapshot of everyone’s life, while hiding the scary and messy parts.

The perfect relationships
The easiest of pregnancies
The super mom
The adventurous, living-life-to-the-fullest single lady

Because who wants to share pictures of the bills you fought with your husband about last night?  Or pictures of the mom-to-be hugging the toilet with morning sickness?  Or a family photo of your little monsters… I mean, angels… after you caught them coloring on your white sheet-rock walls? Or a selfie of you sitting on the couch watching Netflix by yourself… again?

I sure don’t.
I don’t want to show you my vulnerable side.
I don’t want to share my struggles with you.

But how much better off might we be if we did?  How much more enjoyable would life be if we just shared our messes with each other?

Would it be so hard to show one another that deep down, we’re all the same?

Maybe the struggle wouldn’t be so #real if we could just own up to it.
Because I’ll be honest, I’ve never bonded with anyone over our perfect Instagram posts.

With all of that being said, girls have always love puppies… It’s not our fault they’re more photogenic than men!

Juuuust kidding.




So guys, ask her on a date to the animal shelter.  Girls, drop the camera and rub that baby’s belly.



That’s all I have for now, so I’ll just leave you with this! Ain’t she cute?








P.S I am ALWAYS open to post suggestions… What topic would you like to read about?

P.S.S Sorry, Taten! I don’t think I provided any good insight on dogs and girls!

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