See you tomorrow,”  I tell him.

“Pinky promise?” He says, every afternoon when I walk him to the bus.

After a quick lock of our pinkies, 12 more hugs (approximately), and a reminder that you can’t kiss your teacher, I send him home for the day.

“Love you, Miss Hollis!” he calls out over his shoulder as he clambers up the steps to his bus… Already forgetting that he was mad at me for not letting him climb that concrete wall 5 minutes ago.

Oh, the heart of a kindergartener.

11 days, I’ve known these children.

We have laughed, wiped tears, danced, played, learned, sang…

We’ve shared lots of stories, sticky high fives, knock knock jokes, and about 3,345,097 hugs…

They know Miss Hollis is the keeper of the animal crackers, the band-aids, the Play-Doh, and the magic air kisses for boo-boos of all kinds.

11 days and they’ve already decided to trust me.
11 days and some times I think my heart might explode.

I didn’t end up here by choice.
This new season came after a series of disappointments, both big and small.

You’ve been there too, I am sure.

These less than ideal situations we find ourselves in… They hurt, they are hard, they push us outside of our comfort zones… but, God.

He uses them.

To mold us.
To teach us something.
To help us help others.

To get us to the place He’s prepared for us.

Whatever the situation, He always keeps His promises.

It’s in these moments, we are reminded of Jeremiah 29:11…

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

And it’s in these moments, deep down we’re in kindergarten again…

“Pinky promise?” we pray silently as we climb the steps on the big yellow bus of obedience.

And He does.

Welcome to kindergarten, Miss Hollis.

I think I’ll stay a while.

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