This week I started researching how bloggers make money.
You see, while Pinterest-ing I stumbled across an article talking about this woman who was making like $6,000 a month by blogging… And because curiosity killed the cat, I kept digging and pinning and reading.
And digging… and pinning… and reading some more.
Let me go ahead and throw it out there, I am a simple girl. So real talk, if I made $30 a month, I’d be ecstatic. Do you know what I could do with that $30?
Buy a dress from Target.

Pay the water bill.

Fill up my gas tank (and then some).

Order a 3 piece tender from Goldfingers 3x that month.
And don’t even get me started on these peoples followers. 34,000? I got excited last week when my blog post reached 50!
See, simple girl.
But simple girl or not… I kept researching.
And with researching came…

A lot of words



Stress eating (helloooo, baking at 10PM)
This happened over and over, every time I’d just shut down one page and open another.
And after all of that, you wanna know what finally stopped me in my tracks?
When every site I visited highly recommended that I should pick only one topic to focus on and only one audience to serve.
And I just couldn’t.

That is not who I am.
That’s not what I built my blog on.
I wanna write about Jesus. And food. And politics. And teaching. And everything in between.
I want to speak to teenagers. And twenty-somethings. And middle-agers. And the elderly. Men and women, alike.
Because, these thoughts that drive my writing?
That is organized chaos at its finest.
 Thank y’all for joining me on this journey against the grain!
Check out the new logo & design and don’t forget to follow my new Facebook page.
PS… I also wouldn’t be mad if someone presented me with a simpler way to get paid through blogging!

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