All you need is love, said the Beatles…

And about a million other things, of course.

Like money.

With every passing year of my adulthood, I realize there are so many things they don’t teach you during your 13+ years of education.

I mean, sure… They teach you all about the Pythagorean theorem, and the elements on the periodic table, and how to find the square root of x… And all of that other really important stuff that you will totally use every. single. day. of your life.  (Insert eye roll emoji.)

I am so glad they skipped all that useless stuff we would never need… Like budgeting, filing your taxes, investing your money, how to build a resume, buying a house, etc..

Okay, okay.  Maybe I went too far with the sarcasm, but y’all get my point.

Money makes the world go ’round.

Some things you have option to spend your hard earned money on, while others… you have no choice.

Food, clothes, housing.. all necessities of life.

Ya gotta eat.
Naked is not acceptable.
Protection from the elements is preferable.

And unless you’re super outdoorsy and handy and can grow, sew, and build everything you need.. those things cost money.  Lots. of. money.

I know, I know.  You already know this.  Reminding you that simply living is expensive is not why I invited you here.

I brought you here to introduce the possibility of making money off your everyday gotta-have purchases!

Yes, you read that right.  There are ways to make money back when you buy stuff.

How?  Apps.  Free apps for your smartphone.  Free, easy-to-use apps.  So…

Here we go!

  1. Ebates – This website allows you to shop through their website and earn cash back on your purchases.  They have a wide variety of stores to choose from, or you can shop by category.  Better yet, they have a selection of stores that offer DOUBLE cash back, such as Expedia and Shutterfly.My favorite part of this website/app is that you get $10 just for signing up, AND when you refer a friend you earn $5.  But, that’s not all.  If they also shop through the website, you can earn up to $25 in bonuses!  You can sign up for Ebates here.
  2. Be Frugal –   This website is super similar to Ebates!  You shop through their website and earn a percentage of your purchase back.When you sign up, you earn $10, when you refer a friend, you earn $15!  You can sign up for Be Frugal here.
  3. Receipt Pal – This app is my FAVORITE by far.  Why? Because all you have to do is snap a picture of your receipt using the app and you earn points.  Once you earn so many points, you get to redeem them for gift cards!  I’ve already redeemed several Amazon gift cards using this app alone at no cost to me.  Plus, you can now submit your online receipts via email.  #gamechangerEasy peasy, lemon squeezy.
  4. Shopkick – This app is perfect for you if you’re out and about a lot.  This app has a lot of features, but the best is earning “walk-in kicks.”  It’s as easy as it sounds, you just walk through the doors of certain stores, open the app, and earn “kicks,” or points.  You can also scan different items once you’re in the store for additional kicks.Like Receipt Pal, once you earn so many kicks, you redeem them for gift cards.  So far, I have used my “kicks” to buy a coffee maker and a pair of shoes.This app also offers the option to scan receipts and connect your credit card, but I have not tried these options.
  5. Ibotta – This app allows you to earn money off of everyday purchases such as groceries, electronics, clothes, etc.  You simply select your store, claim the rebates, then once you’ve shopped, scan your receipt.  PLUS, you get $10 just for signing up and $5 for every friend you refer.Within just a few hours it will put the money on your account.  I like this app because you truly get money back.  It will send your earnings to your PayPal account. I cashed my earnings in when we moved back in July.  It helped tremendously with all of those pesky expenses you don’t think about when moving, like new curtain rods and pantry shelves.
    So, guys… there you have it.  Five apps that will help you earn money on things you are already purchasing!

These apps are user friendly, and take up very little of your time.

Give them a try and let me know what you think in the comments!

OR if you have another favorite money-back app, let us know!


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