There is just something about the new year that gives you a sense of euphoria.

If you’re like me, the idea of new beginnings makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  You set new goals, you pick your resolutions, you look forward with hope… for about two weeks.

For the past 9 or so years (aka, every year of my adulthood), I have set similar resolutions every single year.

  1.  Lose weight/get healthy
  2. Save money/make extra money
  3. Read my Bible more regularly.

Those probably sound super familiar because you’ve probably set some similar ones yourself.

And if you’re like me, they never truly last.  You may lose the weight, save the money, and read that Bible… for a short amount of time.  Because honestly, if they ever truly stuck, we wouldn’t keep setting the same goals each year.

We start the diet, hit the gym hard, go budget crazy, and become spiritual gurus for about 2 weeks and then, life happens.  Those resolutions never involve life changes.  So, what if we picked a word for our upcoming year instead of a “resolution.”

Last year, my church focused on the word “move.”  I was reminded of this when I was working on a sign for my dance studio.

“Don’t just stand there, bust a move.”

Who knew a line from a 1980’s hip hop song could be so revolutionary?

You see, I am a thinker and a day dreamer.  Ideas are constantly flying, my wheels are always turning 90 miles an hour.  So much activity, so much brainstorming, but am I really going anywhere?

Not really.

I would even go as far to tell you I DO move.  Sporadically.  Like a gnat on speed.  I will think of an idea or a project, and I will start it… For it to just sit there unfinished because I got distracted.

I bet you can relate.  I’m not sure when it happened, but we as a society have lost the ability to slow down and commit to something.  Whether it’s to each other, a job, learning a new skill, or you guessed it, a resolution.  We lack commitment.

We move too fast to focus on one certain thing.

It reminds me of a scene in Shawshank Redemption.  A character named Brooks Hatlen went to prison in 1905 for a crime that is unknown to viewers.  When he is released from prison in the mid-1950’s, he can’t keep up with society and in a letter penned to his former inmates, he says  “The world went and got itself in a big d*** hurry.”   (Seriously, criminal or not, I cry every single time.)

Can you imagine how he’d feel now?  Being released into a society that is built around a rushed schedule and convenience?

We are so focused on keeping up with the Jones’s and seeing how many “likes” we can get on social media we often miss the big picture, causing us to never meet our end goal.

But, I would say we move.  As a society, we totally move.  We move fast, at a rapid pace.

I know I do.  I could look back at 2017 and tell you I moved a lot… But I didn’t go anywhere!

You want to know WHY I wasn’t going anywhere, even though I was running at a rapid pace?

Because my movements weren’t intentional.

The word intentional has been weighing on my heart a lot lately.

Intentional is defined as something “done on purpose; deliberate.”

As I look back on years past, there was plenty of intention behind the GOALS I set, but very little behind the steps I was taking to accomplish them.  I was just going through the motions of goal setting.

So, this year, instead of a long list of resolutions, I have chosen the word intentional to represent 2018.

So friends, are you moving?  Really moving?  Or are you just spinning your tires, walking in circles, and treading water like I’ve been doing?

Join me this year in taking steps that are intentional!

If you have chosen a word for the year, share it in the comments!  I would love to hear them.  You never know, your word may inspire someone else!

Happy New Year, my friends!





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