Note: This is a post from 2016; it’s just now cycling over from my old site.

I have a confession to make…

A couple of days ago, I was on my way to work, following my normal routine… Just jammin’ out to whatever music was fitting my mood that day, I don’t remember exactly what it was… Classic rock, gangster rap, worship music… Ya know what, that’s not important.

So anyway, I’m driving along, singing to my steering wheel when I pass a dog standing by the road.  I watched the little fellow in my rear view mirror and all of a sudden it takes a step towards oncoming traffic.

In 2.5 seconds, I went from a Mariah Carey wannabe to a maniac screaming at that sweet little pup who could by NO MEANS hear me with TEARS running down my face.

Picture it now. Ugly girl crying while yelling “NO, NO, NO, NO!! Stop! Turn around, turn around, turn around!” as if I was in the most tragic made-for-tv movie to ever hit the Lifetime channel.

The good news is, the fur baby who almost broke my heart, the one I don’t even know, and have never even petted turned around and went back into its yard.

(The other good news is, I was able to dry that mess up before I got to school and no one had to know that I just spent a good chunk of my commute mourning the non-death of a dog who does not belong to me.)

Let’s move along, shall we?
So, here’s the thing:

1.  I am not an emotional person.
2.  It was a dog.
3.  It wasn’t even MY dog.
4.  It didn’t actually get run over.

But I was a big puddle of mush anyway.

So that brings us to today.  First thing this morning there was a wreck on Hwy. 27 and there was a fatality.

Upon hearing about it and considering the whole situation, a whole new wave of thoughts entered my mind.

How do first responders do it?

Policeman, firemen, paramedics, military men and women…
Let me also add nurses and doctors to this list of heroes in the midst of tragedy.

As a teacher, I hear all of the time “I couldn’t do what you do!” or “I don’t know how you do it!”

But don’t we all see some profession or another like that?

They say that teaching is calling and I believe that a little more with every day I spend in the classroom.

But I also have no doubt in my mind that these precious souls that are able to keep their sanity in the middle of an emergency were called to do what they do.

To wake up each morning carrying the images of yesterday and not knowing what you might see today, but pushing on nevertheless – now that is a calling.

I boohooed this week over an almost puppy fatality.

There was a brave soul that responded to a wreck this morning.
There was a brave soul who tended to the wounded and another who dealt with fatalities.
There was a brave soul that made a phone call to deliver news that no one wants to make.
There was a brave soul who directed traffic.
There was a brave soul who came in the aftermath to clean up the mess.

Just God’s earthly angels doing what they were called to do.

Thank you, first responders and emergency workers for your service!
My prayers are with you.

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